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Whether it’s tools, hobby work, or vehicles, storing your valuables in a sturdy and safe location is the best way to keep them from depreciating. The problem comes when your garage is full from lack of storage, and you need to park your mower, or worse- your motorcycle outside. The answer is as simple as creating more space. When everything has a place, your belongings are safe and accessible; thus, giving them more value in the long run.

utility shed with metal roof

Park inside again

Our sheds can be resized, upgraded, and personalized to suit your storage needs. Each of our three styles have been refined over time to create beautiful and practical options that will last for the long haul. With a roof over everything from edgers to ATVs, you can rest assured that your valuables are not deteriorating in the rain.

3D Shed Customizer tool

Design Your Own

Choose a style to start customizing the interior and exterior using the IdeaRoom 3D Configurator. Once your design is complete, we'll provide an estimated quote for your customizations.

Start Designing

Built-In Benefits

benefits of a shed

LP SmartSide Siding

40-year Metal Roof

European Whitewood Structure

4.5” Vertical Doors

Treated Floor Joists

5 Year Warranty

Maximize your storage opportunities

1. Choose a Design

Start with the Utility Shed, Lofted Shed, or the Urban Shed.

2. Make it Yours

Next, you can choose your siding and roof colors and add things like dormers, a garage door, a porch, shutters, shelves, or a ramp.

3. Prep Your Site

We've got what we need, now get to work preparing a site for your new shed!

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