Delivery: What you need to know

Our experienced drivers have delivered many sheds successfully, and we work hard to keep the delivery process as smooth as possible.

Your cooperation with the details below will help us, and you, have a good experience.

1. Make sure the site is accessible

We need to access your location with the fully assembled shed. To determine if your space has clearance, take the height and width of your shed and add 4’ to both.

2. Obtain permits and check for utility lines

It is your responsibility to know and obtain any necessary permits and check for underground water or sewer lines that could be damaged or blocked by your new shed.

3. Prepare your site

A clear, level area is required for shed delivery. We do not deliver on raised piers or platforms. For ideas on how to prepare your site, visit our site prep page.

4. Plan to be there on the day of delivery

It works best when you are on-site on delivery day. This avoids miscommunication and ensures that you are satisfied with the placement of your shed. We will not return to your shed site to readjust or move your shed after it has been delivered.


Our delivery personnel is careful to protect your property when they place your shed. However, if damage occurs, the customer assumes all responsibility for yard and driveway damage.
If the ground is soft from excessive rain on the day of delivery, contact us to reschedule your delivery. Otherwise, you may incur damage to your property.

Maximize your storage opportunities

1. Choose a Design

Start with the Utility Shed, Lofted Shed, or the Urban Shed.

2. Make it Yours

Next, you can choose your siding and roof colors and add things like dormers, a garage door, a porch, shutters, shelves, or a ramp.

3. Prep Your Site

We've got what we need, now get to work preparing a site for your new shed!