Focusing on three main building styles has allowed us to say our sheds are built with perfected methods and time-tested materials. We are committed to old-time quality, meaning we do not cut corners and we approach each customer as a person, not a sale.

Storage Shed
LP SmartSide Siding
LP SmartSide Siding

LP SmartSide products protect from the outside, preventing rot.

Vertical Storage Shed Doors
4.5” Vertical Doors

Sturdy vertical doors with over 4” of material add longevity to the life of your barn.

Metal Storage Shed Roof
40-year Metal Roof

This 40-year metal roof is long-lasting, meaning you'll be covered for the long haul.

Storage Shed Floor System
Treated Floor Joists

Treated floor joists and 4x6 notched runners provide extra protection from the elements and seasons your shed may encounter.

European Whitewood Shed Structure
European Whitewood Structure

Our European whitewood structures are less prone to warping and bending.

Storage Shed with 5 Year Warranty
5 Year Warranty

Our 5-year warranty on material and workmanship ensures customer satisfaction.

Maximize your storage opportunities

1. Choose a Design

Start with the Utility Shed, Lofted Shed, or the Urban Shed.

2. Make it Yours

Next, you can choose your siding and roof colors and add things like dormers, a garage door, a porch, shutters, shelves, or a ramp.

3. Prep Your Site

We've got what we need, now get to work preparing a site for your new shed!